Y1013UF/LTE - “Classic” - Modified, Well Known, Yagi Type TV Antenna

Order Code: UNI-220088


Classic design outdoor directional HDTV aerials with back reflector grids Yagi type aerial. Suitable for vertical or horizontal polarization with impressive 13dBi gain and new modification which allows it to reject 4G/LTE interference at the design level with no filters required. Two pieces aluminium main boom is easy to assemble and saves space in transportation while at the same time providing sturdy, weather resistant, light-weight and solid construction. 


Code UNI-220088
Channel bandwidth 21-60
Impedance 75 Ω
Maximum Aerial Gain 13.5 dBi
Directivity ratio (front/back) 20dB
Main radius width H/V
Size (assembled) 875mm